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Practice Areas

PES is a payroll provider to all of Florida.  We offer various programs that not only meet your needs but help you save time and money.  



PES offers different approaches to your payroll and tax related needs and each is arranged with you in mind.  



We offer you the flexibility to outsource some individual functions like payroll processing, human resources and much more. We tailor to our client's needs by maintaining payroll matters simple and easy to manage.  



PES has twenty five years of combined experience in the payroll and customer service field.  



Paperwork, administration, and legal red tape all get in the way of doing what you need to do; run your business.  PES  provides world-class payroll processing service, and leverages the efficiencies of a dedicated payroll and tax processing system.  PES allows you to dedicate more time to your business while providing you with the best service available. Wwill free up your time so you can focus on what you need to; expand your business and increase your profits.  

PEO Brokerage Division

PES' PEO brokerage division can find the right PEO for you.  We provide you with the opportunity to break away from the tedious tasks of managing your employees and worker's compensation issues.

Cash Management




Have you ever considered a cost analysis of the time your company is spending on payroll and employee related issues?  You will discover that the expense and liability can be greatly reduced by using our services.


We offer an array of services that will bring you the savings that you need in this challenging economy.


Our professionals can go over the savings with you at no obligation.


We forsee that in the near future, the payroll industry will no longer be seen as an "alternative" solution to the rising cost of employee administration, but as the best solution.


Isn't it time you start saving money?  

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